Children Of Zeus, ‘Travel Light’ ALBUM COVER

In 2018, Children Of Zeus were hardly a name we recognised. However due to the fact that the launch of Travel Light by Konny Kon and Tyler Daley– who both comprise COZ– I am actually questioning why it took such a long time for them to merge as a twosome. Given, both of them have been about for a good several years, but Children Of Zeus is a project that could’ve solely transpired at this phase in their journeys. Listening to Travel Light’s 13 songs, it’s not only a combination of their relished practical experiences through the many years of hard graft but also a homage paid to soul, R&B and hip-hop that has travelled through Mani over the decades. Travel Light represents authenticity, evolution, growth, and as one of the starting sources to Manchester’s musical landscape, Children Of Zeus definitely left behind their influence this calendar year.


Label: First Word Records
Released: July 13


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